About us

Hello, friends!
We thank you for your interest in our company and what we do.

We did not become a lot of words so as not to take up your time. Therefore, we made a small selection of photos about our production.

The idea to make wood stoves came to us quit unexpectedly, while on vacation in nature.

First, we made test samples from an ordinary sheet of steel:

making a wood stove

After testing for strength, stability of welds, tightness, we decided to paint the product and make a completely finished version. And now we installed fasteners, glass and handles:

Over time, we got so carried away that we didn't notice how our hobby turned into the production of wood stoves...

making wood stove small

making wood stove small

Over time, we have added new modifications of stoves: small stove, large stove, sauna stove:

wood stoves large

sauna stoves

Today we are a modern production that can work with metal products.
We have experience, equipment and human resources.

wood stoves