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Outdoor wood stove

Outdoor wood stove

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Wood stove for outdoor

The best and inexpensive outdoor wood burner for heating and cooking. Today it is a good and affordable solution to use outdoor wood stove. Low price and high efficiency allows you to use the outdoor wood stove easily and for a long time. The outside burner is multifunctional and has a wide range of applications. 

Outdoor wood stove dimensions

Height with legs: 13.98 inch

Width: 9.06 inch

Length: 14.37 inch

Other sizes:

Steel thickness: 0.12 inch

Glass thickness: 0.16 inch

Weight: 30.86 lbs

  • the outdoor stove painted with resistant paint
  • the glass is made of strength refractory material
  • the door opening and locking handles
  • quality weld parts

Inhaling the chilly morning air, every homeowner understands that the heating season is on the doorstep. In the world of modern technologies and conveniences, an outdoor wood stove remains not only traditional but also a unique opportunity to give a home an unparalleled charm and functionality.

It's not just a metal casing with a chimney. It's the living breath of nature permeating every corner of your yard. The outdoor wood stove becomes a true focal point - a place where loved ones and friends gather to share warmth and heartfelt conversations. It invites you to forget about the hustle and bustle and gift yourself moments of tranquility, wrapped in the aroma of wood fuel.

The applications of an outdoor wood stove are as diverse as the imagination of its owners. It's a spot for preparing delicious outdoor meals - from fragrant pizzas to succulent kebabs. Here, you can sway in a hammock, enjoying the scent of smoke and the sounds of nature. At night, the stove transforms into a mysterious source of light, creating a unique atmosphere for evening gatherings.

However, the use of this stove goes beyond mere entertainment. It has the power to turn any cold evening into a warm and cozy moment. Its flames allow for extending the season of open-air gatherings and absorbing the heartfelt warmth of those around. Such a stove becomes a true symbol of harmony with nature, reminding us of the importance of moments spent in the fresh air.

Thus, an outdoor wood stove is not just a functional heating device. It's an art capable of transforming space and time, imparting them with special meaning. It lets us feel a connection with nature and brings a piece of ancient wisdom and nostalgia into our lives.

Outdoor wood stove installation

Installing an outdoor wood stove is an engaging and creative adventure that brings functionality and coziness to your yard. Here are several key stages that will help you successfully accomplish this task and create a unique corner of comfort on your property.

Choosing the location: the first step is determining the placement of the stove. Select a spot considering safety, wind load, and convenience of use. A location where the stove blends naturally with its surroundings is particularly valuable.

Preparing the foundation: create a flat and sturdy surface for placing the stove. This can be a concrete base or a specially prepared area using stones.

Selecting the stove and components: choose an appropriate wood stove based on your needs. Consider size, design, and features such as a cooking plate or heating compartments. Also, choose the necessary additional components like the chimney and protective elements.

Installing the chimney: install the chimney in a way that ensures efficient smoke removal and prevents smoke from entering your home. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and adhere to safety requirements.

Stove installation: place the stove on the prepared foundation. Properly level and secure it following the provided instructions. Pay attention to safe distances from the stove to nearby objects.

Connecting to the chimney: correctly connect the chimney to the stove, ensuring a tight seal. Choose an appropriate chimney type based on the stove's design and surrounding conditions.

Testing and adjusting: after installing the stove, conduct tests to ensure its proper functioning. Adjust air intake and chimney draft for optimal performance.

Cladding and finishing: give the stove a finished appearance by adding cladding made of natural stone, bricks, or other materials that match your yard's style.

Training and usage techniques: familiarize yourself with the basic techniques of operating a wood stove. Learn how to properly ignite, maintain the fire, and service the stove for maximum efficiency.

Safety and maintenance: don't forget about safety rules when working with the stove. Regularly clean the chimney from creosote buildup and monitor the stove's condition to ensure its longevity and safety.

Installing an outdoor wood stove offers an opportunity to create not only a heat source but also a harmonious design element for your property. By following these stages, you'll be able to turn the installation process into an engaging and satisfying creative journey.

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