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Wood stove for boat, sailboat, liveaboard

Wood stove for boat, sailboat, liveaboard

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The best marine wood stove with chimney

Our cheap and compact marine wood burning stove is a high efficiency wood heater for sea travel, fishing, water recreation. It is currently the best solution for heating boats, narrowboat, canal boat.

The portable wood burner for boat is made with holes in the legs so you can screw it to the surface. The cubic shape is universal and will fit most boats and yachts. Light weight allows you to quickly transport, install and put the stove in the right place.

Boat tiny wood stove dimensions

Height without legs - 9,25 inches

Height with legs - 12,6 inches

Width - 8,66 inches

Length - 9,25 inches

Shape - cubic

Other sizes:

Steel thickness - 0,12 inches

Glass thickness - 0,16 inches

Weight - 17 lbs

  • the boat stove painted with heat-resistant paint that can withstand up to 2192 temperature Fahrenheit
  • the glass is made of refractory glass
  • the door opening and locking handles are made of heat-resistant plastic
  • high quality welding

    A wood stove for a boat is a harmonious combination of practicality and romance, bringing something special to marine adventures. Relaxing on a boat becomes much more comfortable and efficient when such an amazing construction is installed on board. It not only provides warmth and coziness on cold evenings but also creates a unique atmosphere that brings people together and makes them forget about everyday worries.

    Feeling the gentle rocking on the waves and breathing in the fresh sea breeze, you can gather around the stove, gazing at the enchanting sparks in a sensual dance of flames, and your heart responds to the gentle crackling of the wood. It's a place where friends share stories of maritime adventures, where lovers enjoy romantic evenings under the stars, and families find new ways to bond and relax in the company of their loved ones.

    But a wood stove on a boat is not just a source of warmth and comfort; it's also a symbol of ecological awareness and connection to nature. Returning to the roots by using wood fuel, learning to listen to nature and being responsible for the environment - all of this makes your marine journey more meaningful and harmonious.

    As night descends upon the calm sea, and the stars twinkle brightly in the sky, the wood stove becomes the focal point of attraction on your boat. It creates a magical atmosphere that takes you into uncharted maritime adventures, making you only mourn the end of this day.

    Our wood stove also becomes a center of communication and bonding. Everyone gathers around it to enjoy delicacies prepared over an open fire and exchange stories about journeys and adventures. Someone will share tales of mysterious islands, while others will recount their experiences of scuba diving.

    Stove for narrowboat, canal boat

    Each narrowboat or canal boat becomes a refuge where we can seek shelter from the hustle of the world and enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding nature. When the wind carries the smoke over the water, we feel complete freedom and harmony with the world around us. This moment becomes true magic that will be remembered for a lifetime.

    The wood stove for narrowboat and canal boats is not only a source of warmth but also a culinary art on water. Ignite the fire and cook amazing dishes over an open flame. The aroma of fresh baking or the taste of homemade soup prepared on board become special memories of our maritime adventures.

    Every evening, as the sun sets behind the horizon, the wood stove reminds us of the magic of the moment and the value of each journey. Far from the bustle of city life, we have the opportunity to forget about time and immerse ourselves in adventures that unfold on our path.

    And so, the wood stove becomes an integral part of our maritime journey, filling us with a sense of freedom and delight. It will gift us unforgettable moments of happiness and strengthen our connection with nature, making our voyage on narrowboat and canal boat a unique experience that will live in our hearts forever.


    • the production time is 5-7 days
    • after are ready, they are sent to the buyer at their address
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