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Wood stove for garage

Wood stove for garage

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Wood burning stove for garage

Best cheap small wood burner for garage heating. The garage stove is homemade from high quality materials. Low cost and high efficiency of garage heating.

Garage wood stove size

Height without legs: 260 mm (10.24 inch)

Height with legs: 355 mm (13.98 inch)

Width: 230 mm (9.06 inch)

Length: 365 mm (14.37 inch)

Other sizes:

Steel thickness: 3 mm (0.12 inch)

Glass thickness: 4 mm (0.16 inch)

Weight: 14 kg (30.86 lbs)

  • the garage furnace painted with heat-resistant paint that can withstand up to 1200 temperature Celsius (2192 Fahrenheit)
  • the glass is made of high-strength refractory material
  • the door opening and locking handles are made of heat-resistant plastic
  • high quality welding parts

      Installing wood stove in garage

      A garage is not just a place to store a car. It's a true corner of creativity and comfort. And one of the ways to add a special charm and functionality to a garage is by installing a wood stove. This task may seem challenging, but with proper preparation and attention to detail, you can create a warm atmosphere and a comfortable space for repairs, creativity, or even relaxation.

      Before install a wood stove in the garage, several key steps are necessary. First, determine the optimal location for the stove, taking safety and convenience into account. Remember that the stove should be at a sufficient distance from flammable materials and provide good air circulation.

      Next, choose a suitable model of wood stove. There are numerous diverse designs and sizes available, allowing you to find the perfect option for your needs. Also, remember the necessity of installing a chimney for smoke exhaust. It's best to entrust this stage to professionals to ensure the safe operation of the stove.

      The next important aspect is preparing the garage for installation. Provide a sturdy base for the stove by laying refractory plates or stones that will protect the floor from heating. It's also worth considering a ventilation system to avoid the accumulation of carbon monoxide.

      Once the stove is installed, it's time for its first ignition. Start with a slow warming up to avoid the risk of cracks in the stove materials. Gradually increase the temperature, keeping an eye on the chimney's operation and air circulation.

      Finally, don't forget about safety measures. Place a fire extinguisher nearby, make sure the chimney and flues are clean, and regularly inspect the stove's condition.

      Installing a wood stove in the garage is not only a practical heating solution but also a way to add a unique charm to your space. By following safety rules and carefully planning each step, you'll create a place where you can not only carry out repairs but also enjoy the cozy and warm atmosphere at any time of the year.

      Efficiently heating a garage with a wood stove is not just a way to create comfortable conditions within the space. It's also an opportunity to maintain an optimal temperature for work, storage, or even relaxation. Wood stoves, beyond their obvious heating function, possess several key advantages that make them an effective choice for garages.

      Firstly, wood stoves provide rapid and intense heating of the area. This is particularly relevant during colder months when quick warmth is essential. The stove can warm up the garage in a matter of minutes, allowing you to start working or relaxing without lengthy waits.

      Secondly, wood stoves have a high level of thermal inertia. This means they can retain heat and distribute it evenly in the room even after the supply of wood has ceased. This reduces the need for frequent refueling and ensures a prolonged maintenance of a comfortable temperature.

      Furthermore, the cost-effectiveness is a significant benefit of wood stoves. Wood is a relatively accessible and renewable fuel, especially if it's readily available in your area. Efficient wood combustion allows for economical usage, which translates to lower heating expenses.

      It's also important to note that wood stoves contribute to drying wet surfaces and materials, which can be particularly valuable in a garage environment. They can help prevent the accumulation of moisture and condensation, thereby supporting optimal storage and work conditions.

      Lastly, install a wood stove in the garage fosters the creation of a cozy atmosphere, which can have a positive impact on your work mood and productivity. The blend of comfort, efficiency, and cost savings makes wood stoves an appealing choice for garage heating, transforming it from a simple storage space into a multifunctional area where you can enjoy spending time.

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 26 reviews
      Julian - Voitsberg, Austria

      I put the stove into a Fiat Ducato van and it works perfectly! The quality is flawless and you can tell that a lot of work went into the genius design of the oven. The supplier helped me choosing the right size for my Van and overall the customer service was great. On the first skiing trip with the van, it had -20C outside and +25C on the inside - fantastic!

      Sabine - STILLWATER, OK

      I really like this stove. I needed some more pipe to hook it up and ordered locally. That pipe was so flimsy that I (69-year old woman) could bend it with my hand. I am returning those and order some more pipe from MagicMetal, even if it takes longer.

      Chase Archer - Coraopolis, PA

      I love this little wood stove. use it in my motorhome.The flue updraft can be quite strong without a damper, taking much of the heat with it but this little guy still pumps out some decent heat. Air inlet control is also very good.I'm currently using a stove top heat powered fan to circulate heat, which works, but I have a lot of space and want to make sure the whole place is warm in our zero degree weather.This heater will do that, but I'm looking into using heatsinks and 12v fans to throw that heat across the room.I bought this because of the simple design and the size.There's plenty of potential for my hot water on demand system and my heat sink modifications without taking from it's cool look. A cast iron skillet on top gets plenty hot enough to burn food or boil water but may take some time at first to warm up.

      Natalie - Alonsa, Canada

      Really nice little wood stove. Very well made. Super sturdy. Nice design. I am really pleased with my stove. The shipping was a bit delayed but the interaction over the delays with the maker was excellent and my concerns were satisfied. Once shipped I was able to track the stove through every step. I had to pay an additional $42 in import duties but that was not unexpected. The stove arrived nicely boxed, all parts present and I am really really happy with my purchase.

      Greta - Florence, OR

      they are very happy with the stove.

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