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Wood stove for hotel

Wood stove for hotel

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Wood burner for hotel

Affordable and cheap wood burning stove for hotels. It is a good solution for heating small hotels in nature, hotels by the lake, hotels in the mountains, hotels in the forest. The wood stove is small in size and low in cost, which makes it possible to reduce the cost of building and equipping hotels. High-quality materials and manual assembly of a wood stove allow it to heat hotels for many years.

Hotel wood stove dimensions

Height with legs 12.6 inch

Width 8.66 inch

Length 9.25 inch

Steel thickness 0.12 inch

Glass thickness 0.16 inch

Weight 17 lbs

  • the hotels stove painted with heat-resistant paint
  • the glass is made of high-strength material
  • the door opening and locking handles are made of heat-resistant plastic
  • high quality welding parts

Wood stoves in hotels not only impart a distinctive style to the space but also serve as a source of natural warmth. Their efficiency is based on the fact that wood is a renewable fuel source, making them an appealing option from an ecological and sustainable perspective.

The warmth emitted by a wood stove also possesses a unique charm. It emanates from the natural flames, creating an atmosphere of coziness and tranquility. Moreover, wood stoves have the ability to retain warmth even after the fire has extinguished, contributing to energy conservation.

Application in different hotel areas:

Wood stoves can be utilized in various zones of a hotel to create a unique atmosphere:

Lobby and reception: a wood stove placed in the lobby immediately generates a warm and welcoming atmosphere for arriving guests. It becomes the center of attention, adding charm and enabling to relax and feel at home.

Restaurants and bars: in the restaurant area, a wood burning stove can serve not only as a heat source but also integrate into the interior concept. This provides with the opportunity to enjoy not only culinary delights but also a cozy ambiance.

Spa and relaxation: a wood stove in the spa area or relaxation room helps create an atmosphere of true serenity. The warmth and natural flames contribute to relaxation and rejuvenation.

Guest rooms: in luxurious hotel rooms, a wood stove can become not only a source of warmth but also a romantic accent, adding charm and luxury to the interior.

Open terraces and verandas: wood stoves can also be installed on open terraces, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere even when it's chilly outside.


A wood stove for a hotel is not only a source of warmth but also a symbol of comfort, luxury, and natural beauty. Its efficiency, eco-friendliness, and ability to create a unique atmosphere make it an indispensable element for hospitable accommodations, where every detail matters.

Installing a wood stove in a hotel

By placing a wood stove in the hotels room, the hotel creates a unique opportunity for guests to indulge in the magic of real flames. The fire in the stove brings vibrant energy to the room, crafting an atmosphere where daily worries can be forgotten, allowing to immerse themselves in relaxation.

Luxury and comfort in harmony:

The wood stove combines luxury and comfort, turning the hotel into a truly unique place of respite. The stove's beautiful design and natural flames add charm and authenticity to the interior. Hotels can relish in both cozy moments spent by the fire and the stove's impressive visual appeal.

Winter romance:

A wood stove in the hotel adds a touch of romance, especially during chilly winter days. Relaxing in front of the fire's warmth, guests can enjoy a cozy atmosphere indoors while the snow softly falls outside the window. This creates a distinct sense of seclusion and luxury.

Source of warmth and relaxation:

Beyond its aesthetic function, the wood stove also serves as a source of warmth and relaxation. Returning to the room after a day filled with adventures or business meetings, they can bask in the warmth and comfort of the stove, crafting an atmosphere of true relaxation.

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