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Wood stove for mobile home

Wood stove for mobile home

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Wood burning stove for mobile home

The best stove-fireplace for mobile and manufactured homes today an excellent solution for space heating. Approved mobile home wood burner is portable and easy to install wherever you need it. You can install stove yourself, all that remains is to insert the glass and install the chimney. Wood burners for mobile homes have foldable legs with a hole so that they can be screwed to the surface. 

Mobile home wood stove dimensions

Height without legs: 260 mm (10,24 inches)

Height with legs: 355 mm (13,98 inches)

Width: 230 mm (9,06 inches)

Length: 365 mm (14,37 inches)

Other sizes:

Steel thickness: 3 mm (0,12 inches)

Glass thickness: 4 mm (0,16 inches)

Weight: 14 kg (30.86 lbs)

  • the mobile home stove painted with heat-resistant paint
  • the glass is made of high-strength refractory glass
  • the door opening and locking handles are made of resistant plastic
  • high quality welding

Heating a mobile home with a wood burning stove is a unique adventure that combines the comfort of a home on wheels with the warmth of natural fire. But how long can you enjoy this warmth before needing to refuel the stove? The answer to this question depends on several factors that are important to consider for optimal use of a wood stove in a mobile home.

Size and heat retention of the stove: the size of the stove in a mobile home can vary, and the larger it is, the more firewood it can hold, allowing for extended operation without reloading. Additionally, the heat retention of the stove determines how long it will keep the interior warm after the firewood has burned. Some stoves have high heat retention, allowing you to enjoy the warmth for an extended period.

Efficiency of combustion: modern wood stoves have high combustion efficiency, extracting maximum heat from the used firewood. Choosing a stove with a high Coefficient of Performance (COP) will reduce the wood consumption and extend the stove's runtime.

Type of fuel: the quality and moisture content of the firewood also influence the combustion efficiency and duration of stove operation. Dry and well-prepared firewood will yield the best results and increase the heating time of the mobile home.

Climate conditions: in colder climates, the stove will need to work more intensively to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the home. In such cases, the stove may require more frequent refueling.

Insulation of the mobile home: proper insulation of the interior will help retain heat, reducing the need for constant stove operation and prolonging its runtime on one fueling.

In conclusion, the runtime of a wood stove in a mobile home on one fueling can vary from a few hours to a full day or more, depending on the stove's size, efficiency, fuel quality, and climate conditions. However, with the right stove selection, use of quality fuel, and attention to insulation, you can enjoy the warmth of the wood stove in your mobile home for an extended time, creating a cozy and pleasant atmosphere inside your unique home on wheels.

A wood stove for a mobile home is an excellent blend of tradition and modernity, providing comfort and functionality in a unique living space on wheels. It has become a popular choice for many mobile homeowners, attracting attention with its efficiency and diverse applications.

One of the key advantages of a wood stove for a mobile home is its efficiency. These stoves are designed to maximize the heat output from the burning wood fuel. Thanks to their special construction and quality insulation, they ensure even and long-lasting heat retention inside the mobile home, even during cold weather. This is particularly important for mobile homes that may encounter different climatic conditions in various regions.

In addition to efficient heating, wood stoves for mobile homes also offer versatile applications. Their flat top surface can be used as a cooking plate, allowing mobile homeowners to enjoy homemade culinary masterpieces prepared over a natural fire. Cooking on a wood burning stove becomes a true ritual, reminiscent of the good old days when cooking was an art, and each dish had a unique flavor.

Moreover, wood stoves can serve as reliable sources of hot water. Many models are equipped with water circuits, enabling the use of stove heat to warm water in the mobile home. This practical solution is especially valuable for those who prefer to live ecologically and independently, regardless of stationary infrastructure.

In conclusion, a wood stove for a mobile home represents an ideal solution for providing coziness and comfort in a unique living space on wheels. Its efficiency, combined with versatile applications, makes it an integral part of mobile living. It becomes a source of warmth and joy, inspiring the preparation of home-cooked dinners and creating a warm atmosphere for unforgettable moments during journeys on roads and amidst natural expanses.

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